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Upper Arlington

The 3,688th Growler of Ever!

Bookhouse Brewing – Fourth Anniversary Cassata Cake Imperial Blonde Ale
$20 Today Only ($2.75 off 64oz; limit one).
Cleveland-style Cassata Cake Imperial Blonde Ale, made with 400 pounds of fruit, a pound of whole vanilla beans, orange peel, and tons of rich malt. Sitting pretty at 10.5%, this big blonde barleywine-ish kind of thing pays tribute to our history of brewing cake beers for each anniversary, but pushes into a pretty different direction, with a rich, sweet malt character backing up piles of ripe strawberry aromatics, and an intense real vanilla aroma.


Muggsy Night Tonight after 6pm!!!

3,090th Daily Growler of Ever
Seventh Son Humulus Nimbus
TODAY ONLY $14/Growler($2 OFF, Limit 1)

German Village/Brewery District

1,922nd Daily Growler of Ever!!

Columbus Brewing “Pils”
TODAY ONLY!! $14/Growler
($2.00 OFF , LIMIT 1)