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Upper Arlington

The 4,176th Growler of Ever!

Little Fish – Hit Clips
$16.50 Today Only ($2 off 64oz; limit one).
Hit Clips is one-half of a 2 beer collaboration: A parti-gyle brew of 20 barrels of imperial stout, and 10 barrels of dark mild ale, brewed from the same mash at Jackie O’s. The mild ale wort was driven to Little Fish, where we hopped, boiled and fermented it. The imperial stout is barrel-aging at Jackie O’s and will not be out for quite a while!



3,444th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Hoof Hearted Kooky Doug

TODAY ONLY $22/Growler ($2 Off, Limit 1)

German Village/Brewery District

Trivia Night @ 7pm!

The 2,393rd Growler Ever!!
Masthead – “Paradise Subtropical Summer Grapefruit IPA” 🍻
Today only – $16.50/Growler ($2 off, limit one)