Fresh Craft Beers

Upper Arlington

The 3,804th Growler of Ever!

50 West – Chasing Sunsets
$14.00 Today Only ($2 off 64oz; limit one).
A deliciously juicy fruit beer brewed with peaches and just a touch of wheat malt. Approachable, peachy, and perfect for a warm spring day.


3,207th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Great Lakes Mexican Lager w/Lime
TODAY ONLY $14/Growler ($2 OFF, Limit 1)
Find a sunny spot and lounge awhile with this golden Mexican-Style Lager, brewed with real lime peel and purée and flaked corn for a crisp and refreshing getaway.

German Village/Brewery District

2,038th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Old Nation “M-43”
TODAY ONLY!! $19/Growler
($2.00 OFF, LIMIT 1)
-Hazy IPA-