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Monday Memorial Day hours: 12pm – 8pm

1253rd Daily Growler of Ever

Fat Head’s Bean Me Up Imperial Coffee Stout $14/growler



636th Daily Growler of Ever

New Belgium Hop Kitchen Botanical DIPA $14/Growler

From the garden to your glass, Botanical Imperial IPA bounds with springtime flavor. This season we looked to the fresh aroma of our awakening landscape to find inspiration for our next Hop Kitchen release. This big imperial IPA packs an equally potent hop punch courtesy of Cascade, Sterling and Willamette varieties. Then we intensified the citrusy, herbal and spicy hop flavors with a blast of essential oils from backyard botanicals basil, sage and juniper to create the freshest IPA around. A touch of dark caramel malt adds a nice cushiony bed to the sip before the beer transitions into a warming, dry finish. Taste the bounty of Botanical Imperial IPA.

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 85

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