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fat heads black night

1226th Daily Growler of Ever

Fat Head’s Black Knight Black Lager $10/Growler

This knight rides alone with a lighter body than traditional black beers, lifted to it’s mount with a great show of hop bitterness. Lighter than one would expect but deep in flavor. Notes of coffee and chocolate swirl from the glass while the flavors drift to sweet, dark malt. Balanced, earthy tones ride throughout this well balanced brew. A silver medal at the 2013 GABF adorns the Black Knight’s trophy shelf.




608th Daily Growler of Ever

Heavy Seas/Baltimore Brewery Collab Stoop Sitter Strong Ale $10/Growler

In classic Baltimore fashion, this year’s beer is stylistically an eclectic mix just like the brewers who collaborated to brew it. With the smoothness of a lager, the complexity of an ale, a firm bready malt backbone, and a spicy-bold blend of German and American hop flavor, Stoop Sitter is not exactly an altbier, festbier, or an American amber ale. However, it is decidedly delicious and unequivocally Baltimore in every way.

ABV: 6.1%

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