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Upper Arlington

2489th Daily Growler of Ever

Kentucky Irish Red Ale
With a light amber color, Kentucky Irish Red Ale owes its body and character to select imported malts and a pinch of wheat malt for a rich, smooth taste. This brew is placed into bourbon barrels to make the brewery’s flagship Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.
5.3% ABV


The 1913th Daily Growler of Ever!

Wolf’s Ridge Clear Sky Daybreak $14/growler
Cream Ales were well on their way to being the most popular style until Prohibition put and end to it- or tried to! This simple, light beer has a slight malt taste, with light hopping, to make you think of beautiful summer afternoons on the banks of the Scioto. This version is infused with One Line coffee.

German Village/Brewery District

It’s the 831st Daily Growler of Ever!

Wolf’s Ridge Gatesmasher Porter Growlers are $11 all day!

Ignoring historical norms from the 1800’s, the main difference between a modern porter and stout is typically the abv, body, and intensity. Porters tend to be more balanced and better attenuated and don’t use large amounts of oats or flaked barley which enhance body and mouthfeel. Brewed to be moderately bitter but with drinkability the end goal. Very nice layered malt profile beginning with sweet bread to coffee, bakers chocolate, and hints of caramel. Balanced and drinkable, a classic style fit for the colder months.


Closed Monday and Tuesday.

You can still come to the mall, you just can’t drink at The Daily Growler.