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Upper Arlington

The 3,312th Growler of Ever!

Fat Head’s – Cryohio – $19.00
Collab with CBC, derives its name from hop provider Yakima Chief’s proprietary ‘Cryo Pop’ hop blend. The ale, which also uses Idaho 7 and Simcoe hops, is 8% alcohol, 90 IBUs, and tropical notes of melon and stone fruit, with a piney and grapefruit character.


Drink Beer, Save Turtles Fundraiser & Zoo Animals Appearance!!!!!

2,826th Daily Growler of Ever!!!
March First Astra Baja Blast Seltzer $14/Growler

Phillips… On wheels will be here tonight for the Event as well!!

German Village/Brewery District

1,642nd Daily Growler of Ever

Seventh Son Miracle Growlers are $14 all day!

Miracle is the first Hazy Light IPA…it tastes amazing and only has 5 carbs and 115 calories!