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Upper Arlington


1329th Daily Growler of Ever

Southern Tier 2X Tangier Imperial Tangerine IPA $14/growler

A Double India Pale Ale with spicy citrus aromas and stone fruit flavors. These flavors, with the addition of lightly roasted malts and brilliant hop bitterness, make 2XTangier a beverage as refreshing as it is exotic. 2XTangier is brewed as a stronger, bolder ale than its older brother, Tangier. It shares the same synergy between tangerine peel and spicy, citrusy, Mosaic hops. Enjoy 2XTangier in celebration of your epic adventure.



761st Daily Growler of Ever

Hoof Hearted Skin Froot Mango Sour $12/growler

Frooted tart lip smacker with ripe n’ joosie peached and mango.

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