Happy (belated) IPA DAY!!

As you all know, IPA day was yesterday. We chose not to celebrate because we had an awesome Jackie O’s event and didn’t want to try and smash too much awesomeness into one day. We like to spread our awesome around.

(imagine Bill Pullman from Independence Day) Today we celebrate our IPA Day!

Beat the Growler Clock:

From 3pm – 4:59pm  IPA Growlers are $3 off & IPA Pints are 1/2 price

From 5pm – 6:59pm  IPA Growlers are $2 off & IPA Pints are 1/2 price

From 7pm – Close      IPA Growlers are $1 off & IPA Pints are $2 off


List of our current IPAs :

Bear Republic Racer 5

Hoof Hearted Wangbar Oatmeal Double

Bear Republic Black Racer

Lager Heads High 5

Stone Ruination

Revolution Anti-Hero

Jackie O’s Hop Ryot

North Peak Vicious Wheat

Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black

Kentucky IPA

Jackie O’s Waka Waka Double IPA

Dogfish 90 Minute

Finch’s Threadless

Jackie O’s New Growth

Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA