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259th Daily Growler of Ever

Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter $14/growler

This beer won the bronze medal at GABF for “specialty beer” last year! We’re the only place in the city to have it on tap!

Most people aren’t sure what to think about this when they first hear of it… but it only takes one sip to change the minds of any naysayers… this beer is wonderful! It’s a peanut butter porter, and lives up to it like no other peanut butter beer before. It’s smooth, creamy and nutty, just like a peanut butter cup…in a cup.

This rich porter is great in the cold months, but unlike a lot of darker beers for me, it works just as well when it gets warm outside.

From the first time you look at its super dark brown body, with a big, hearty, creamy brown head to the sadness you feel as the last sip passes your lips, this beer is something special here in the city, for sure.