5 Rabbit Paletas #4 Mango

What captures the fun of summer better than the ding-ding-ding of the popsicle cart and the cool rush of fruity fun? Paletas! And the versions most popular in the Latin community are made with frozen fruit juice in a wide variety of tropical flavors. We though this would be a perfet inspiration for a line of summer beers.

But these are not kiddie treats. In addition to pure, high-quality fruit pulp, we add a number of delicious spices and other flavors that build on the fruits, adding complexity and depth. They’re still a lot of fun and amzazingly quaffable at only 3.5% vol. A large proportion of wheat gives them a smooth, creamy mouth-feel. There’s really never been anything like them.

Paletas are meant as summer refreshers—a more sophisticated alternative to one-dimensional shandies and radlers. We’re brewing them as a series, each one different, and when one’s gone, it’s gone. We brew the next one. At the end of summer, they vanish until next year. We hope never to repeat ourselves.