Barley’s Sexy Sadie Sixty Season Saison

Saison means “season”. Traditionally brewed in the winter for drinking the following summer, it can now be brewed year round because of refrigeration. This is a very complex style and open to interpretation. Ours is fruity in aroma and flavor. Earthy yeast tones are evident, as is mid to moderate tartness. There’s lots of spice with only a mild bitterness. Despite being unfiltered, it still drinks semi-dry, including only a hint of sweetness.

We included golden candi syrup to achieve a bit more alcohol, and then we went for it! We added crushed coriander, bitter orange peel, lemongrass and fresh cracked black peppercorns. Finally we added a copious amount of fresh ginger to make this the spice that stands out, as in a refreshing ginger ale. The result is a surprisingly drinkable farmhouse table beer.

7% ABV