Brooklyn Fiat Lux

When we decided to call our latest Brewmaster’s Reserve beer Brooklyn “Fiat Lux” (“Let There Be Light”), we weren’t trying to get all god-like on you. What we’re really saying is “let there be summer”. Let there be beaches, let there be blankets laid out on grass, let there be beer gardens, let there be barbecues, let there be outdoor concerts, let there be good beer everywhere, great people to drink it with, and time to enjoy it. Yeah, we thought you’d be down with that too.

What are we drinking this summer? Combining Canadian and American malts with a large proportion of un-malted white winter wheat, Fiat Lux starts with a Belgian witbier inspiration. A blend of Pacific Northwest hops, a little lime peel and a dash of Indian coriander brings a bright blast of citrusy aromatic sunshine, while German Perle hops supply a nice big zap of refreshing bitterness.

Brooklyn Fiat Lux is great with everything you’re cooking and eating this summer (it’s not that great with beef stew… but you’re not eating beef stew) from barbecue to burgers, from crawfish to salmon. And it’s mighty nice with goat cheese. Have a great summer, folks. And yes, we admit it – we really do love walking into places, declaring “Fiat Lux!” and making it so.