Homestead Artist Series IPA Vol. II (Gillian Welch)

While I was considering what beer to craft I kept coming back to the themes of Time and the cultural and personal history of this album. And that’s the moment when I realized that I wanted to bring back a technique that hasn’t been used widely in quite some time – first hopping. I tinkered and tinkered with the recipe, what hops to balance and what schedule to use until I finally settled on a first hopping of Summit and Cascade matched with hop additions every ten minutes for the full 90 minute boil. The amazing thing is that what came out the other is a balanced, citrusy IPA. Giant pineapple, grapefruit and orange notes jump out of the dense, creamy head and an intensely focused but not overwhelming bitter comes together with a mild malt note. I’m pretty satisfied with the result and I’d like to think it’s a beer that could have happened at any point in the epoch of beer, both past, present and future.