Mendocino Key Lime White Ale

This inimitable ale resonates with a chorus of vibrant aroma chords. The first note is the aromatic symphony of wheat and barley malt, counterpointed with a naughty hint of spice. The second movement echoes with tones of floral and citrus hops, followed by a vivacious vibrato in which the exotic key lime takes this White Ale to a magnificent crescendo of taste.

Leonine-like straw gold in look and an enigmatic subtle yeast haze makes this opus, pitch perfect in body and soul. Key Lime orchestrates a composition that compliments the traditional spicy, bready middle adding grace to a finish that is clean and bright.  And as the harmony ebbs, you will feel an urge to replay this refrain.  Allow yourself, for it is only natural to do so.

5% ABV