Millersburg Fort Fizzle Chocolate Raspberry Holiday Ale

A little known stone fort was created by the French in 1863, in a stone home on our local French Ridge. The newly implemented Draft for the Civil War caused a riot and rebellion, by the French. Governor Todd sent Col. Wallace and 420 men to crush it. Two French men were killed and the remaining 50 ran off. Thus the locals dubbed this legendary Fort Fizzle. Fort Fizzle – Winter Ale- Sweet aromas of chocolate and fruit with a slight tanginess offered up by the use of a Belgian Stout yeast. A hybrid of fruit, chocolate malts and Belgian characteristics meld in your mouth to give a beginning touch of sweet chocolate and ripe red raspberries and finishing smooth and semi-dry on the palate. A very easy drinking ale. We highly respect the Christmas Ales and felt that we would leave the cinnamon and spices to those that have been making them for years. Rather than try to clone one or take a similar path, our brewmaster decided to create our own unique version of winter holiday ale.

6.5% ABV